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What to Do After Your Home Warranty Expires?

January 08, 2018

Buying a New Home in Mission & McAllen, TX

All the excitement of buying a new home in the Mission/McAllen Tx area can make it hard to keep track on when your warranty is about to expire. Because most home warranties expire in the first couple of years, some home owners choose to have an inspection performed a month or two before the warranty expires.

Home Inspection

If you decide to have your home inspected, its best to choose someone that will provide you with specific recommendations and next steps as well as a detailed punch list that you can present to the builder. This list provides items that need to be replaced/repaired before your new home warranty expires.

Purchasing an Extended Warranty

When it comes to purchasing an extended home warranty after your new home warranty expires, homeowners often weigh the pros and cons. The price of a home warranty can equal or exceed its cost in repairs, but that still doesn't make it worthwhile to some homeowners. Here are a few reasons that stand out when it comes to deciding on whether to purchase another home warranty after your warranty expires.

Emergency Funds

1. Emergency Funds Should you choose to forgo renewing your home warranty, it's essential that you have emergency funds to fall back on. Homeowners who don't have a financial safety net often find themselves with expensive repairs bills after an appliance or home system breaks down. Take a minute to do the math and figure out if you have enough cash available to handle an unexpected mechanical problem. You may find that instead of buying an extended warranty, it can be more worthwhile to put the money that would have been spent on the warranty in an account that can be used to pay for repairs or to buy a new product when the existing one breaks.

Age of Your Appliances

2. How old are your appliances? As your home's appliances and systems get older, the likelihood that they may have a problem increases. Consider the repair or replacement bills you could face if your refrigerator or stove dies after your home warranty lapses.

Evaluating the Cost of a Home Warranty

Before you make a call on the warranty question, it can pay huge dividends to research how good the product you're buying is. If you know you're buying a reliable product, you may not find a reason to buy an extended warranty. If you have all the right information from a trusted builder like Esperanza Homes, the decision becomes much easier. We pride ourselves on building outstanding quality into each and every home we build. Whether you are buying a new home in Mission Tx at Bentsen Palm Development or searching for new homes for sale in McAllen, TX at Tres Lagos-Esperanza Homes builds outstanding quality into each and every home. Because of this attention to detail, Esperanza Homes can offer each new homeowner industry-leading warranties. As you move in to your new home, Esperanza Homes provides you with information concerning your 1-Year Builder Limited Warranty, Bonded Builders Warranty Group 10-Year Warranty, your paint and finish selections, and all warranty contact numbers.

The price of a home warranty can equal or exceed its cost in repairs, but that still doesn't make it worthwhile to some people
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