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About Weslaco

Weslaco offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and outdoor activities.

One of the biggest draws of Weslaco is its rich history and cultural heritage. From the historic downtown district to the local museums and art galleries, there's always something new to discover in this city. Plus, the proximity to the Mexican border means that you can explore a unique blend of Texan and Mexican culture, including vibrant street markets and authentic cuisine.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Weslaco is a paradise. The city is surrounded by lush nature reserves, such as the Estero Llano Grande State Park and the Valley Nature Center, where visitors can hike, bike, and birdwatch to their heart's content. And with its warm and sunny weather, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors year-round.

But that's not all – Weslaco also boasts a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and festivals showcasing the best of local and international talent. Whether you're into music, theater, or visual arts, you'll find plenty of opportunities to indulge your passions here.

Frontera Audubon Nature Preserve

Frontera Audubon is a 15-acre nature preserve in the heart of the City of Weslaco, providing a haven for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife that thrive among the native habitats of its Tamaulipan Thornscrub forest, orchard butterfly garden, wetlands, and ponds.


Valley Nature Center

Loop through six acres of pure nature and feed the birds at Valley Nature Center, a secret garden that is the oldest nature center in the Rio Grande Valley, and the only non-profit center fully dedicated to environmental education south of San Antonio and east of Eagle Pass. Includes Cactus Gardens, Butterfly Gardens, Bird Feeding Stations, a 1/4 Acre Wetland, Board Walk, Small Ponds, Walking Trails, and more!


Santa Ana Natural Wildlife Refuge

Established in 1943, Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is positioned southwest of Weslaco along two major migratory routes for many species of birds, which makes this 2,088-acre parcel the ‘jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System.’ Santa Ana offers 14 miles of trails, an open-air tram ride, and a guided nature walk, giving visitors an opportunity to see birds, butterflies, and many plant species not found anywhere else in the United States beyond deep South Texas.

3325 GREEN JAY, ALAMO, TX 78516

Downtown District

In 1937 downtown Weslaco was dubbed the "city of neon" as downtown businesses used the gas-filled tubes for signage. The place to be on Saturday night was downtown Weslaco for an ice cream soda at the corner drug store or dinner at Keno’s Café and dancing at the Villa de Cortez. Today, businesses still use neon lights and you can still eat at Keno's, dance at the Cortez, and shop the specialty stores, antique shops, and Bugambilias Marketplace, an emporium of unique shops in one building.

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