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What Makes an Esperanza Home Energy Efficient?

August 29, 2017
While Esperanza Homes creates new homes in a variety of styles, they all share the common themes of superior energy efficiency, outstanding value, and work that exceeds industry standards.

Esperanza is an energy-efficient builder that saves 20-30% more energy than standard homes, which means lower utility bills for homebuyers. The Esperanza team is composed of award-winning professionals in architecture, interior design, customer service and building specialists that are committed to every homebuyer looking to build their dream home with great customer satisfaction.

Choosing an Energy Efficient Home is a Smart Investment.

Energy efficient homes not only save money, they also reduce water consumption, waste, and overall energy use. Building an energy efficient home with Esperanza Homes means the entire structure of your home is considered when thinking about how energy will be and should be used. Climate, the occupant's behavior, heating and cooling, insulation, appliances and electronics, and more are all factors. It is our goal to use sustainable practices during construction which will benefit not only you but the environment as well. Some of the most imperative variables when building an energy-efficient home are the materials that are used.

What Are Some Examples of Energy Efficient Building Materials?

High-Performance LowE Insulated Double Pane Windows
High-Performance LowE Insulated Double Pane Windows reduce solar heat gain, regulating the temperature in your home and also protects against the color in your fabrics from fading.

R-13 Exterior Walls with Owens Corning Insulation
R-13 Exterior Walls with Owens Corning Insulation allows homeowners to save on heating and cooling costs with regulated temperature control, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This insulation is also certified to include a minimum of 58% total recycled content and is also formaldehyde free.

OSB Roof Decking
OSB roof decking with radiant barrier underneath reflects up to 97% of the sun's radiant heat from a home's attic and can help lower attic temperatures and improve energy efficiency.

Wifi Thernostat
Carrier Wifi thermostat allows you to control AC from a Smartphone app.

Hebel Concrete
Hebel panels have superior insulation qualities compared to other masonry products. Tests have shown that a house built with Hebel PowerPanel XL performs better than brick veneer in terms of both heating and cooling. This can save the homeowner approximately $600 a year in heating and cooling energy costs, and earn the home half a star more in energy star ratings. Using Hebel Concrete also means that your home will have reduced noise transmission and is composed of fire resistant properties.

Esperanza Homes’ Commitment to Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly Practices Doesn’t Just Stop t the Materials.

Esperanza Homes is working toward recognition as part of Green Built Texas. We are committed to higher standards of site management, recycling, energy efficiency and homeowner education. On average our energy efficient homes save thousands of dollars per year!

With almost a decade of experience building homes in the Rio Grande Valley, Esperanza Homes has earned a reputation for integrity, honesty, and quality. Named the 2014 RGVBA Energy Efficient builder of the year, McAllen home builder Esperanza Homes is ideally qualified to build your new dream home in McAllen and Mission, Texas.

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